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Prague Manuscript, part II: Gott mit uns

Lomonossov [that is, in the French-language transliteration of the original Cyrillic] was not content to state just once in the Prague Manuscript, that Peter the Great, the one who made of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy a modern European power, … Continue reading

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This is how the System Rejects Real Change

Michael hi this is Emma I am just writing to let you know that a motion has been made to be voted on by the SCC to expel you from the Pacific Green Party. What this would mean is that … Continue reading

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Struve’s Exact Words: to Peter Abrahams

Dear Friend and Colleague! In the matter of the actual intentions of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve in purchasing what is referred to as the “astronomical repeating circle” (for 1082 rublei) and “two 3 1/2 foot passage instruments” (800, the two), that … Continue reading

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I Said It Couldn’t Be Done

For the entire life of the Large Interferometric Gravitational Observatory, just down the road here a ways and founded and directed by my old teachers at Caltech, I said the effort was a complete boondoggle, since the sensitivity of measurement … Continue reading

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Who’s the Jew? Who’s the Nazi?

Gregory Fegel was a witness to my arrest at the Occupy Mount Tabor demo. Gregory Fegel testified in my defense at my jury trial — which I lost — for failing to respond to a lawful order by a park … Continue reading

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conclusion of Political Institutionalization of Science in the United States

[this is the second of two posts, conveying the 1983 article in the leading Soviet scholarly journal concerned with issues of scientific research and policy — of course there are other journals, but they tend to be swamps of Party … Continue reading

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Up to the 1740s

p. 25: By all accounts it was characteristic of Muratori [starving transcriber begs indulgence of Gentle Reader as temporarily cannot find Eduard Winter’s great work. Izvinite] Quant aux fragments de Frédéric Schlegel et Novais, il s’agit d’un genre nouveau, du … Continue reading

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