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When the Truth Is Not Enough

It’s a famous quotation.  Near the end of Doctor Zhivago, his 1957 masterpiece, Boris Pasternak has his hero say Microscopic forms of cardiac hemorrhages have become very frequent in recent years.  They are not always fatal.  Some people get over … Continue reading

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Barbara Ellis Is Back

Last night at around five o’clock I had the wonderful delight of meeting Barbara Ellis once again.  We regulars of the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition were at our posts for the Friday Afternoon Anti-war Witness at Pioneer Courthouse Square, talking … Continue reading

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After the Fluoridation Victory

Now that our city overwhelmingly defeated a proposal by what political science professor Bill Lunch, political analyist for Oregon Public Broadcasting, called “the establishment” to fluoridate the drinking water, anti-establishment political activists can enjoy the satisfaction of a rare victory. … Continue reading

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In dem merkwürdigsten Jahr meines Lebens

619 22nd Street Oakland, California 5 July 1987 The last communication ended without a conclusion, since it was but the start of what threatens to be an extended discussion, hence readable — or, more to the point, writable — only … Continue reading

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How Do We Communicate?

In the previous post, I said I came away from my first Race Talk with some reservations. Let me start with a story. There’s no militarism like the old Prussian militarism: the small, almost barren region in the northeastern quadrant … Continue reading

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Controlling the Police

I attended my first “Race Talks” meeting, or perhaps my first Race Talk.  This consists of a speech by some person knowledgeable about a subject, followed by small-group discussion, and consequently a greater level of understanding and dialogue concerning some … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of a New Age

John Michael Greer, in this post, continues the development of his idea that the imminent exhaustion of fossil fuels will bring its wake such far-ranging economic changes that our entire framing of our world will change. In particular, he says, … Continue reading

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Die Ewige-weibliche zieht uns hinan

Stephen Amy and I tabled the Move To Amend [yay, emteeaay] regional conference at Portland Community College last Saturday.  Even before we’d succeeded in taping the Pacific Green Party banner to the front sides of the table, we were approached … Continue reading

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Citizen Review Committee Acts, For Once

I attended the monthly meeting of the city’s police watchdog, the Citizen Review Committee, last night.  It had an unusual level of drama.  The members heard a citizen who had been pursuing a complaint for the better part of a … Continue reading

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