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This is how the System Rejects Real Change

Michael hi this is Emma I am just writing to let you know that a motion has been made to be voted on by the SCC to expel you from the Pacific Green Party. What this would mean is that … Continue reading

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Chapter Meeting with No Lead Time Tonight: at the Chit-Chat Cafe

Campaign manager of the Meo for Congress 2016 enterprise, and elected vice-president of the Eastside Democratic Club, Herschel Soles met for a short but important you might say caucus of the officers of the Cascadia chapter of the Pacific Green … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Bob

Here at the headquarters of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, Party Member Bob McGown suggested to resident housekeeper she help move construction debris. “Oh, I don’t know.  How much do you get an hour?” “I … Continue reading

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Dear Colleagues

To: Agenda Committee Eastside democratic Club meeting at Rosa’s Cafe, which goes by the name of Prescott Street Cafe From: M. Meo, elected secretary said Club in re: Next meeting of the self-styled Agenda Committee, but which really is the … Continue reading

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Jonah: Still Reeling from the Leviathan, but Loved the Waitresses

Your Intrepid Reporter has seen the inside of some jails, as Gentle Reader will recall, most recently in the Occupy Mount Tabor fiasco. But I’ve also been arrested for hitch-hiking in Pennsylvania, disturbing I believe it was the peace in … Continue reading

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What Poroshenko Can Do Now

Slovyansk has fallen to the armed forces of the Kiev government. Were the state of Ukraine to be on an island in the North Atlantic, or the South Pacific, the natural thing to do would be for the newly-elected head … Continue reading

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The Salem Nominating Convention of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

7th of Junii — dies irae deorum from left to right: Your Intrepid Reporter, M. Meo (unless he on this occasion was being impersonated by Miguel Cabron, a slippery fellow indeed); Michael Sonnleitner; Steven Reynolds; Alex Polikoff; Tim Dehne; Mike … Continue reading

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