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Here, Mayor Hales, Is Your Actual Record as Commissioner

From the review today by Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch of the most recent “Semi-annual Police Review Board Report”: The 14 cases encompass 37 allegations, leading the PRB to make 26 “Sustained” (out of policy) recommendations. However, only two of … Continue reading

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I Just Joined, and now this . . .

This appeared on the NAACP website: JoAnn A Hardesty Yesterday at 5:30pm Dear Host, Please provide me with the passcodes so the new administration will be able to utilize this site. Sincerely Jo Ann Hardesty, President NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B … Continue reading

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First the Bud, then the Spirit Blossoms Before Us

It has just been announced that on February 5th the Portland City Council will meet to discuss in public the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Force. I re-iterate here that a vote to withdraw from JTTF would constitute a reason for … Continue reading

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Just about a year ago

I set out on the road, seeking ma fame ‘n’ fortune, lookin’ for a place to stand, Well things got bad and things got worse, and now ah’m here to say Oh Lord, I’m stuck in Portland again.

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Triple Transit of Jupiter, Captured by Mark Seibold

Longtime Cascadia Chapter Member Mark Seibold reports that he has captured for our benefit the rare triple transit, that is passage, of the satellites of the Giant Jupiter across its face. Thus:

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Israeli Poodle receives most favored nation status in imperial Metropole

The valuable website of the If Americans Only Knew organization observes: CNN’s coverage of the incident reported details of the deaths of 10 Israelis who were killed by Palestinians last October and November. Yet CNN neglected to mention that just … Continue reading

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Oh Wait! There’s this just in! !

If you went to all the meetings, if you reviewed all the documents, if you had done this for more years than months the new chief has been in office, then you would find: We are submitting feedback on the … Continue reading

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A Typical Urban Bridge in Mediterranean Europe

The Bridge of Maria Cristina, San Sebastien, Spain, Basque country When I visited Europe at the end of my freshman year in undergraduate school, I walked on this bridge. Of course part of the difference in scale is the Stumptown … Continue reading

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Five mInutes in the life of a translator

You may well not agree, but Your Intrepid Reporter finds it significant that a man who could co-author so significant a scientific work as the three-volume 1979 Sovremennaya Geometriya [The volumes, the first of which appeared in 1979 were more … Continue reading

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Connect the Dots

The cafe across the street sells them, so of a Saturday morning I walk over and buy a copy of the Saturday Pravda-on-the-Hudson: the New-York-City based government mouthpiece, owned since its inception by Jews, often prints what are called “think … Continue reading

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