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The Importance of Eating Crow

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Health Care for All

Five people were at the table for the Thursday meeting of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party this week, one of them a candidate in the (alas) Democratic primary for the Oregon state legislature being held in May. … Continue reading

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Endorsement of Don Gavitte

While walking with my two teenaged boys toward one of my favorite cafés, Grendel’s Coffeehouse, as we crossed the Twelfth Street Bridge across Sullivan’s Gulch, the view was so striking that I started to praise the vista from where we … Continue reading

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It Reminds Me of the McCarthy Hearings

The Senate Committtee charged with overseeing the CIA accused that Agency of torturing prisoners. Its investigators found a 2010 internal-to-the-CIA document, the Panetta Report, which buttressed the Committee’s findings. The response of the CIA was to refuse to provide the … Continue reading

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Cui Bono?

It seems to me a pretty good general rule that those who prevent an impartial investigation of an important, historic event which remains unexplained have something to hide. For example, the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy was … Continue reading

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Police Accountability: Globally and Locally

After 12 years of agitation, the citizens of Argentina are finally watching the Cabinet ministers in command of police who shot and killed demonstrators on trial for manslaughter. Report from Buenos Aires The proximate cause of the nationwide revulsion at … Continue reading

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