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Deaths from Despair

Frequently in this space, a graph is more eloquent than anything I might have to say. Here is the graph from the most recent Deaton-Case study on the death rates, by age cohort, of white with only a high-school education … Continue reading

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Same Old, Same Old

Green Party activists, especially those motivated by anti-war sentiment, have no difficulty demonstrating the alignment between the Republican and Democratic parties, upholders both of the American Empire, through brutal military means. David Swanson imagines Trump’s budget originating in the thought, … Continue reading

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Reality Rejection, Incorporated

  In the last several days the Siege of Aleppo has ended. The rebels holding the city have been defeated by the Syrian government forces, aided by Russian air force bombing. There is some talk of this being a turning … Continue reading

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The Loss of Hope

The occasion for this report is the news today that the rise in death rates, or the lowering of life expectancy — two ways of looking at essentially the same thing — has now extended from males in the United … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

I have a bumper-sticker critique of the identity politics that produced a Democratic Party loss, with the entire political Establishment united in favor of the Democratic Party nominee, in the recent election earlier this month. That is, Identity Politics Is … Continue reading

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Stein Was Refused Party Backing for the Recount

I am myself instructed by, and I wish to broadcast to (my few) readers the circumstantial account by Brandy Baker, a Green Party National Committee delegate from Maryland, of the recent move by Jill Stein to invite funding for the … Continue reading

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A Bitter Disappointment

Recently, on a website devoted to animal rights, appeared this evaluation of the recent election: Jill Stein’s positions were nearly identical to those of Bernie Sanders, yet progressives who supported Bernie overwhelmingly rejected the Greens. It is difficult to envisage … Continue reading

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