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The Oregonian on My Picture

The monopoly newspaper of the mainstream media gave me some press coverage, here. I apologize for the delay in posting it, now some 12 days after the fact. It was only my 16-year-old son, Michael Kepler Meo, an inveterate web-surfer, … Continue reading

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Dismantlement of the United States Post Office Continues

From my friend Jamie Partirdge, whom I will mention on my post about the Conference today, as soon as I can get around to it. The Goin Postal pack-and-ship company has signed a deal to put small postal stores inside … Continue reading

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I believe the last time I mentioned Account Number KBQ-001562, it was in connection with the twenty-five-hundred-dollar fee for entry in the Voter’s Pamphlet, so called. Speaking of the period September 1st through September 30th of this year, 2014 Anno … Continue reading

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In Which I Name Names

I wouldn’t have even thought about going to the 7th annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice Saturday at Madison High School [2735 NE 82nd — a troubled dividing line in East Oakland, oops Portland] but for Ted Pyle. … Continue reading

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The Siege of Sebastapol

You do realize that the generals and the rich have always ruled? I mean, the generals and the rich ruled in Athens, in Classical days; in Rome, before, during, and after the transition from formal Republic to (inside joke) Principate; … Continue reading

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Why I Say I Live in an Empire

In the words of Bruce Fein. At present, we are employing military force in six countries — Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. In 2011, we reduced Libya to rubble after Muammar Gaddafi did our bidding in abandoning weapons … Continue reading

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What Dr Rice Didn’t Know, and When She Didn’t Know It

Do you remember, gentle reader, who the Secretary of State was, who joined the War Chorus in 2003? We had at the time an incompetent President; it would not be all that counter-intuitive that he should have appointed an incompetent … Continue reading

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School Days

The fiftieth reunion of the Class of Marblehead High School, Marblehead of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, took place and produced these photos. Just a few posts ago I believe I referred to the Hungarian Communist Party Member Arthur Koestler’s biography … Continue reading

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Brave Soldiers All

The soldiers of ISIS, or alternatively ISIL, are brave and fight, quite literally, to the last man. In the hospital, the site of their last stand as about 30 jihadists found themselves surrounded, Kurdish forces found the evidence of what … Continue reading

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Like the Sands through the Hourglass

are the gains of the 1990s.

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