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Charlotte in Massachusetts

Four Green Party members gathered around a table at Random Order cafe on NE Alberta in Portland Thursday night, Dave Westerlund, Charlotte Miller, Herschel Soles and Your Intrepid Reporter.  The Cascadia Chapter was having its weekly meeting.  The first two … Continue reading

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The Choice of the Two-Party System

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The Barrier Is Porous

When the archives during some future examination of the Election of 2016 are collated, this will be a prize testimony to the state of Church-State relations.

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I Said It Couldn’t Be Done

For the entire life of the Large Interferometric Gravitational Observatory, just down the road here a ways and founded and directed by my old teachers at Caltech, I said the effort was a complete boondoggle, since the sensitivity of measurement … Continue reading

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House Arrest for Life

Her Majesty’s Government continues to make a martyr to truth out of its most prominent political prisoner.

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Dissolve NATO

This just in, from the conservative British daily newspaper, the Telegraph Nato cannot defend its eastern allies and Russian tanks could be in the Baltic capitals within 60 hours according to new analysis from a US think tank. Current forces … Continue reading

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Fifteen Now

Just so’s you-all have it for easy reference, here and here are two recently-published defenses of the proposal to increase the minimum wage. Authored by Your Intrepid Reporter. Well, the first was going to be the Letter to the Editor … Continue reading

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