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Apothéose de Barack le Grand

So Please Do Not Accuse [author of the May 26th manuscript has habit of emphasizing the first few words of a paragraph, in this case a paragraph of parenthetical comments] this author of anti-American reverse racism — the author of … Continue reading

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Scam What Am, Nuclear Version

If an email comes to you from Nigeria, advising you that you can earn, just by providing a mailbox, several tens of thousands of dollars US, what do you do? You read no further and you delete it.  Oaky? Now, … Continue reading

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Either D. or C. McGuffey Has a Word

Now that the Housekeeper has left for warmer (I presume) climes the fruit trees on the front parking strip need pruning. Your Intrepid Reporter was busily engaged in doing just that, pruning the fruit trees [the headquarter of the Cascadia … Continue reading

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Chapter Meeting with No Lead Time Tonight: at the Chit-Chat Cafe

Campaign manager of the Meo for Congress 2016 enterprise, and elected vice-president of the Eastside Democratic Club, Herschel Soles met for a short but important you might say caucus of the officers of the Cascadia chapter of the Pacific Green … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Bob

Here at the headquarters of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, Party Member Bob McGown suggested to resident housekeeper she help move construction debris. “Oh, I don’t know.  How much do you get an hour?” “I … Continue reading

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Charlotte in Massachusetts

Four Green Party members gathered around a table at Random Order cafe on NE Alberta in Portland Thursday night, Dave Westerlund, Charlotte Miller, Herschel Soles and Your Intrepid Reporter.  The Cascadia Chapter was having its weekly meeting.  The first two … Continue reading

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I Said It Couldn’t Be Done

For the entire life of the Large Interferometric Gravitational Observatory, just down the road here a ways and founded and directed by my old teachers at Caltech, I said the effort was a complete boondoggle, since the sensitivity of measurement … Continue reading

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