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L’État Présent des Recherches Assidues sur les Manuscrits Mathématiques de Marx: 1

L’étude devant nous commence avec la question en quelle langue à poursuivre un tour d’horizon de la littérature récente sur le sujet. C’est en français en part pour la raison de la presentation il y a trente années de M. … Continue reading

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To a Nazi Friend

You will recall when we started talking and I said that Hitler had written in Mein Kampf that the Turks had got rid of the Armenians and the world had forgotten about it ten years later. You at that time … Continue reading

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Even Homer Nods

We are none of us so good that we cannot use some correction. Vladimir Nabokov was as good a writer of English as ever lived, and certainly one of the leading writers of English of his generation: and yet his … Continue reading

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Goering Hatte Recht

Back in the Year of Birth of the writer who calls himself Your Intrepid Reporter, that is to say in 1947, there were held the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals — I believe it is the Bush Junior Administration flunky who … Continue reading

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Algebra in the History of Scientific Thought

There are various ways to define algebra, in part due to its long and complex history. One intuitive definition says algebra is merely the rules of arithmetic (which is true at the introductory level). You could enlarge that — and … Continue reading

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Charlie Hales’s Ignorance

Power tends to corrupt, wrote the editor of the Cambridge Modern History Lord Acton, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The secret police force established by the United States government in the course of the First World War, the Federal Bureau … Continue reading

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Germany’s Defeat in the Ardennes Forest, 1944

It is interesting that the loudmouth television personality published a book under his name, Killing Patton, which in its illustrative materials provides a marvelous illustration of how to beat the other guy, in documented real-world outcome. The map shown was … Continue reading

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