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My most recent publication

The new Russian Review arrived this afternoon, and it carried the announcement of my book, Izucheniya dlya istorii astronomii v Rossii v pervoi polovine devyatnatsatogo veka Connoisseurs may please note the present Table of Contents Table des Matières More metaphorically … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Willamette Week editor on Earl Blumenauer’s Spotty Memory

Brent Walth News Editor, Willamette Week Dear Mr Walth, This is the bill providing funding for Syrian rebels that Mr Blumenauer, in our meeting at your office, said he did not remember. Here is the roll call showing his vote … Continue reading

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The Bleating from the Servants’ Quarters

When Florence crushed the neighboring city-state of Siena in the fifteenth century — that is, when one Renaissance Italian hilltown attacked another — there was on staff, you might say, a so-called humanist scholar, one of the few who could … Continue reading

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A Bit of Autobiography

The current round of anti-Russian propaganda in the U.S. and Western European mass media (it would be superfluous to choose among the many examples) stimulates me to reflect inwardly about the personal motivation — beyond my (superficially quite valid) usual … Continue reading

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Still Banned from The Podium

Hello Michael (with various folks cc:ed), This is David Cobb. I was the 2004 Green Party presidential nominee and a co-founder of Move To Amend, which is one of the anchor organizing groups of the Pacific NorthWest Social Forum. It’s … Continue reading

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Government not for the Public

At the first of the meetings of the so-called Blue Ribbon Commission [so-called by it-self: chair Dwight Holton, an ambitious and unusually politically-sensitive former U.S. Attorney for Oregon who persuaded a reluctant City Council to re-join the Joint Terrorism Task … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World, department

Your Intrepid Reporter has counted himself, in writing, an élève whatever that means of the quondam Curator of Modern Physics at the Smithsonian Institution of Washington DC, which now retired under-appreciated critique [I almost said Kritiker but decided to limit myself to two  languages] des … Continue reading

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It’s not illegal when Israel does it.

Yesterday’s Pravda-on-the-Hudson had an Editorial telling us that Putin, damn him, Is Not To Be Trusted. I am relying on you to indulge me in a little thought experiment. The central paragraph to said Editorial, in the Saturday Pravda-on-the-Hudson, went: … Continue reading

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From the Parking Lot

Your Intrepid Reporter was vouchsafed a publication yesterday, by a source who prefers not to be named, in the parking lot of Grace Presbyterian Church, while the monthly meeting of the Eastside democratic [yes, small d] Club assembled. The bulletin, … Continue reading

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