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A Complex Situation

Usually, a journal reports what has been done rather than what it is to be hoped will be done. That has been my usual practice here. For reasons I will at least attempt to explain, this post will be different. … Continue reading

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Support for Mohamed Mohamud

Since my 14-year-old objects rather strenuously to demonstrating while soaked to the skin, I prepared carefully for the Friday Pioneer Courthouse Square witness this week by Portland Peaceful Response Coalition: he had foul-weather gear pants and jacket (the latter with … Continue reading

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Good News on Ozone

Since the re-election of the most recent Democratic Party corporate shill to the Presidency of the United States there has been the usual walk back of the promises to address Global Warming: we have to preserve Jobs (not incidentally, with … Continue reading

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The Record of the Obama Administration on War

Barack Obama, who ran for President in 2004 as a symbol of “hope and change,” has acted in office as another imperialist warmonger. Mr Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan, increased by a factor of at least five (the … Continue reading

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One Way to Put It

Stefan Zweig, according to the literary supplement to the Economist magazine, “was in the 1920s and 30s one of the most famous writers in the world.” In 1929 Zweig wrote Joseph Fouché, The Portrait of a Political Man, a book … Continue reading

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Obama Accelerates toward Disaster

by Stephen Amy [this second to be published essay was projected to come third in order in (what I call) the Cascadia Manifesto; it is to hand, and I make the questionable call to put it before the reader] “Climate … Continue reading

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Walk a Mile in the Other’s Shoes

In a previous post I quoted the 17th-century French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal about the “rule of belief”: One thing that is necessary for agreement to take place is that there be the rule of your belief (la régle … Continue reading

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