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Lessons from Colonialism

While my two teenaged sons, Michael Kepler and John Dominic, were attending the much-anticipated Free Speech pro-Trump rally in front of City Hall this last weekend, getting onto the front page of the British newspaper the Guardian, I went to … Continue reading

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Reality Rejection, Incorporated

  In the last several days the Siege of Aleppo has ended. The rebels holding the city have been defeated by the Syrian government forces, aided by Russian air force bombing. There is some talk of this being a turning … Continue reading

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A Bitter Disappointment

Recently, on a website devoted to animal rights, appeared this evaluation of the recent election: Jill Stein’s positions were nearly identical to those of Bernie Sanders, yet progressives who supported Bernie overwhelmingly rejected the Greens. It is difficult to envisage … Continue reading

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Chapter meeting of 12 July 2016

Brian Setzler, the President of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, sat down earlier this evening with Your Intrepid Reporter. The meeting took place at my request. I asked Brian whether he would would nominate me … Continue reading

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Scam What Am, Nuclear Version

If an email comes to you from Nigeria, advising you that you can earn, just by providing a mailbox, several tens of thousands of dollars US, what do you do? You read no further and you delete it.  Oaky? Now, … Continue reading

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Remember Walt Brown

Walt Brown was the nominee for President of the Socialist Party of America, once upon a time in a kingdom long ago. He also ran on the Pacific Green Party line, for Oregon Attorney General.  We got to be good … Continue reading

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Dave Westerlund’s Day

I was sitting Thursday evening at the Random Order Pie Bar translating [details available upon request] when the hour of 6:30 came round: the Daylight-Savingsed Sun was about 15 degrees above the horizon, out the picture window which runs along … Continue reading

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