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Où sont les neiges d’autrefois?

L’Occupation-Portland est en effet morte. — c’est à dire, un mouvement soi-dit populaire ne peut pas reculer devant les forces d’ordre d’état et néanmoins retenir le voeu du peuple. Six mois avant la décision de M. Sponberg au crépuscule du … Continue reading

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Part Four, In Which I Walk toward the Sunrise

In the chill of a Central City Jail holding tank for what seemed an infinity at the time, I found that either standing or sitting down with spinal column held straight up burned up sufficient calories spent in physical activity, … Continue reading

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Sartre Believes Hell to Be Other People

Doris welcomed conversation.  She took a moderately crooked, certainly not as direct as possible, route to what she advised me was Central City Jail.  I could not imagine such a legend, outside of fiction, had actually ever been inscribed above … Continue reading

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Into the Belly of the Beast

So the park rangers retreated for a bit, back at their ATV while I lay on a Pakistani [hey, I am not kidding; the tag with instructions is in Urdu] Army sleeping bag. Up the trail from me in the … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Arrested on Mount Tabor

I did the best I could, but I arrived 15 minutes late to my position at the Mount Tabor Reservoir of the municipal water supply system.  My 12-year-old son, on his way to an all-day ballet practice, although he knows … Continue reading

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The new Moon of Ramadan

The New Moon of the month of Ramadan shone clearly in the west as I bicycled home tonight shortly after 9 pm from the Bipartisan Cafe on Southeast Stark Street. It was strikingly resonant with the one meaningful conversation I … Continue reading

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