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We Were Never Data-driven

  I’m retired, after more than twenty years full-time teaching in high school, in Portland Public Schools.  During that time, and with greater and greater urgency toward the end of my tenure, we were continually beseeched, as teachers, to do … Continue reading

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David Lee Fry and Me

  I was incarcerated for about a month in Multnomah County Jail this summer, awaiting trial for trespassing against Fred Meyer.  While there I met David Fry, one of those armed occupiers of the Malheur federal bird sanctuary.  The last … Continue reading

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It’s Not Sexy

The destruction of the movement to protect the rights of the oppressed majority in Central America is not currently fashionable.  Why our First Black President has already gone there and apologized for “excesses,” has he not? Yet, of course, the … Continue reading

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On the Streets of Eugene

My son Michael Kepler Meo attended one of the Conversations on Race we have here in Portland, one in which the Albina Ministerial Alliance on police accountability and the Chief of Police, along with several of his deputies, appeared.  He … Continue reading

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The Era of Good Feeling

(The title is ironic) Just as Donald Trump, now that he is going down to a well-earned resounding defeat, talks about being “unshackled,” so now that Your Intrepid Reporter is convicted of violating a restraining order taken out against him … Continue reading

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Campaign Follies

I shared with my intimates lately the fact that the campaign of 2016 looks to me a lot like that of 1964. Back then LBJ tarred Goldwater as a warmonger, all the while planning, as soon as the election was … Continue reading

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The Action at City Hall

  A survivor of the many demonstrations at Berkeley in the late 1960s, including the arrest of thousands during the Peoples Park riots, I’ve stayed at my house while there were demonstrations and arrests at City Hall over the renewal … Continue reading

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Faith in Government

After my spouse of over twenty years swore out a restraining order on me, claiming she was in fear of her life, and went even further, testifying before a hearing of civil commitment to the effect that I was not … Continue reading

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Who to Believe

Not long ago, the veteran Portland-based progressive peace activist Brian Willson posted a report on a purportedly impartial non-governmental organization which in effect spreads lies about the UN and the Assad government in Syria. On this basis, one would doubt … Continue reading

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