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The New Primitivists

A few months ago, when Brian Willson, the author of Blood on the Tracks, addressed the Eastside Democratic Club, I had the opportunity to introduce him; I spoke of Brian’s advocacy of permaculture, growing food in a sustainable, as opposed … Continue reading

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Anti-war Speech Threatened

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, of which I have been a longtime participant, is a group of demonstrators who once a week bear witness, in downtown Portland, to the endless war into which this country has entered. Every Friday at … Continue reading

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No Coal Trains at the City Council

By a vote of 3 to zero, the Portland City Council approved Commissioner Amanda Fritz’s resolution to request the US Army Corps of Engineers prepare a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement about the proposed coal train plan to increase exports though … Continue reading

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No body cares — so they say

Herschel Soles let me have the bullhorn yesterday afternoon when the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition began its weekly demonstration at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and I told passersby that the United States has more or less officially invaded Libya [see previous … Continue reading

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United States Invades Libya

When should, do you suppose, the start of war be named? The Obama Administration of the US government began a bombing campaign against Libya in late March of last year. I asked the State Co-ordinating Committee of the Pacific Green … Continue reading

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The Color Line of this century

Writing at the turn of the previous century, W. E. B. Dubois quite famously said, “the problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color-line.” Well, the fact is, that problem, while still with us, has been addressed. … Continue reading

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Always Looking Back

This, dear Reader, is the Portland Metro chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon three years ago, in 2008. As an exercise in current history you may note that Chris Henry has become active in the Progressive Party, that … Continue reading

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