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I Spent a Couple Hours at the Bipartisan by Myself

Le progrès humain dépend, je crois en plus-part, sur l’entreprise de tradución.  Tout à l’heure, dans quelconque epoch de l’histoire de l’Europe, il y avait une langue majoritaire culturelle (le latin durant et après les siècles de l’empire romain) qui … Continue reading

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Report from Mount Tabor

The second meeting of Scott Fernandez’s group [yet to name itself officially, but Bull Run Waiver does it], whose stated goal is to obtain a waiver for the Bull Run reservoir water system, took place last night, and your intrepid … Continue reading

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From the late Fall of 1987

The Monk who Only Glosses His Sources Says There isn’t much religious in me — I confess upon long self-examination that I am atheist at heart and can only point out to myself the uncomfortable inconsistencies in the materialist world-picture … Continue reading

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Guantanamera, Bahia Guantanamera . . .

Quelquefois, mes amis, I compare the prisoners at the Legal Black Hole that is Guantanamo with Dreyfus.  France a hundred years ago accused Dreyfus of espionage, unfairly convicted him, and sent him to a Caribbean hell-hole to die an early and … Continue reading

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Letter to the Emperor of Rome — from AD 2012

The nineteenth-century Anglophone novelist Joseph Conrad set the scene of the opening of one of his most widely-read novels down-river from London, at dusk. The sun set; the dusk fell on the stream, and lights began to appear along the shore. … Continue reading

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The Hedgehog and the Fox

Wir beginnen, meine Damen und Herren, avec un petit peu d’histoire.  Stephen Dowell, The Portlandian, vol. 1, No. 2, p. 2: In 1957 the Oregon constitution was amended . . . (Article VI, section 10) allow[ing] local electors the opportunity to form … Continue reading

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The Militarization of Emily

Longtime community utilities activist Scott Fernandez hosted a coalition meeting at the Presbyterian  [the Presbyterians, perhaps following up their historic leadership of the Emancipation movement in the United States some 170 years ago, have during the last 20 years distinguished … Continue reading

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