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Ich bin ein Berliner

Jason Ditz of summarizes the German government proposal to arrive at a settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. A key portion of the plan would be to get Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz to agree to a long-term deal, … Continue reading

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Blair Bobier, Pacific Green Party co-founder

Our Party co-founder, Blair Bobier, was quoted in a story published recently in the Eugene Statesman-Journal. Top two primary This initiative would overhaul Oregon’s political primary system. If passed it would let all registered voters cast primary ballots. The two … Continue reading

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What To Do with Guantanamo

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Cosmology Now

My younger boy John Dominic came home the other day, declaiming how good the books were on sale at Broadway Books. In point of fact, it was his way of getting to go on a walk with me and Michael … Continue reading

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What Fascism Sounds Like

I have mentioned Vali Balint in these pages before. She was born a generation ahead of mine, in Hungary. I met her in exile, in Oakland, California, the mother of my Caltech classmate Peter Balint. This old newspaper shows him … Continue reading

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In Which the Problem Is Generalized

We take as uncontested, that the U.S. industrialized effectively during the course of the 19th century, and Latin America did not. Even Adolf Hitler pointed to that comparison as already well-known, in 1924. We had reached the point, in my … Continue reading

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Continuation of Consideration begun 7 July

dated 12 July 2014 As I recollect it, my pent-up anger dates from my having successfully obtained a middle-class, living-wage job, namely high-school teacher. Such a position requires patience, a quality with which I am not by nature well endowed, … Continue reading

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