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Let’s Unpack “the Personal Is Political”

  This morning brought, on the usual disreputable websites, the appearance of another disapproving look, this time by a military historian, of the past two Presidential administrations.  Andrew Bracevich the author of America’s War for the Middle East: A Military History, in … Continue reading

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We Were Never Data-driven

  I’m retired, after more than twenty years full-time teaching in high school, in Portland Public Schools.  During that time, and with greater and greater urgency toward the end of my tenure, we were continually beseeched, as teachers, to do … Continue reading

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This is how the System Rejects Real Change

Michael hi this is Emma I am just writing to let you know that a motion has been made to be voted on by the SCC to expel you from the Pacific Green Party. What this would mean is that … Continue reading

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The First Meeting in March

As the sun sank slowly in the West the Cascadia Chapter convened its weekly meeting at Random Order cafe in Northeast Portland.  Dave Westerlund, Charlotte, Miller, Herschel Soles, and Your Intrepid Reporter were there promptly at 6:30 p.m., the scheduled … Continue reading

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I Said It Couldn’t Be Done

For the entire life of the Large Interferometric Gravitational Observatory, just down the road here a ways and founded and directed by my old teachers at Caltech, I said the effort was a complete boondoggle, since the sensitivity of measurement … Continue reading

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What Is the Islamic State, in Historical Perspective?

The eminent twentieth-century British historian Arnold Toynbee observed in his 1948 Civilization on Trial (pp. 164-187 of the 1971 paperback edition) that, once the Westernizers [whom he labels “Herodians”, after the loyal-to-Rome king of Judea in Jesus’ time] and the … Continue reading

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German Females and the Immigrant Wave

As we know the women of Germany, specifically those of their ancient seat of the Archbishopric of Cologne, were assaulted by quote hundreds of immigrant men unquote on New Year’s Eve. This afternoon I decided to visit the so-called Unz … Continue reading

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