This is how the System Rejects Real Change

Michael hi this is Emma I am just writing to let you know that a motion has been made to be voted on by the SCC to expel you from the Pacific Green Party. What this would mean is that you would still be registered as a Green in oregon for the purpose of voting but the Pacific Green Party wouldn’t count you as a member. I think this would also affect your ability to vote at conventions. I think technically you could still run for office but the Pacific Green Party could say you are not running as a member of the party. I am not sure everything it entails. The reason the motion was made was because of your blog the Cascadia Chapter blog which has been voted to be decertified by the SCC and most especially because of the recent activities of yelling at people in the park and the claims of harassing people while acting as a representative of the green party, and having already been censured once. The vote will be on Sunday at 7pm on the SCC call. I am writing to let you know because I believe you have a right to know that this action is being voted on about you. Emma

Emma does not even notice that the SCC is prepared to evict from membership the only person actually doing anything in the state.

Let’s see, for example, during the calendar year 2016

98 visitors to the Cascadia Chapter blog from Brazil [15 in the first ten days of June: it seems I have a Brazilian following]

23 visitors to the Cascadia Chapter blog from Canada

14 visitors to the Cascadia Chapter blog from Germany

12 visitors to the Cascadia Chapter blog from Italy

11 visitors to the Cascadia Chapter blog from Turkey

Just sayin’.

Please note, dear reader, the use of the passive voice.  A “motion has been made” never mind for the moment what for.  Let us ask, why is it that I am not allowed to know the name of my accuser.  Think about that for a minute: in this world the Party which I have fought for with all my strength for the last eight years will expel me without so much as telling me who it was who asked for my removal.

What do I mean in this world, you dear reader might well ask.  You see you live in a world in which that is not possible.  Your wife probably hasn’t slandered you in family court and your children are although this is less sure not disgusted by your presence.  Your neighbors do not cheer aloud as the police wrestle you into the police cruiser on charges that, just like the first 29 times, are going to be dismissed after I get out of custody for the thirtieth time.

In this world I have to anticipate an attempt to expel me from the Party without knowing who the accuser is.

And so I have.

On the table in front of me are three pages of documents which relate to my mental health, each heading with the official insignia and logo of the Multnomah County Health Department.  I allege, Your Honor, that the jury be instructed that they may take these documents as genuinely issued by that institution.

Thank you.

The top of the first page is headed, Progress Notes by Ann Gottling [nurse] 2 July 2016

What follows is reprinted here verbatim

Client seen 17 June 2015.  At that time, he presented with an aura of superiority.  He was noted to be grandiose and lacking insight.

S[ubject]: “I am a political prisoner.  I am being arrested because I am acting in deliberate civil disobedience.  Fred Meyer and Starbucks have had me arrested probably 20 times because I go there and I hand out political things or talk about political subjects, and they ask me to leave but they won’t tell me why.

That violates my right to talk about politics in a public forum.  I am a member of the public.”

When asked about current or historical MH issues, the client

we interrupt this broadcast because our dear reader does not have before him the definition of the phrase just employed by Nurse Ratchet, “historical MH issues”; one needs the definition in plainer English than the professional jargon inherent to actual real documents — and that’s one reason the competent judge of forgeries would judge this document to be genuine, because the writer unconsciously slides into the patois in general use around [in this case] her.

The process is as follows: Have You Now Or At Any Time Had Dreams?  this is called “historical MH issues” in Nurse Ratchet’s report.

But we really have to insert here some breaking news.  A reigning member of the Autocratic Power-Grabbing SCC has sent Your Intrepid Reporter an email.

His first paragraph, naturally, talks to Your Intrepid Reporter as if he, YIP, were ten years old.

Legality may not be the best parameter by which to measure your own behavior, Michael. Repeatedly raising your voice in public is antisocial, to say the least. It makes other people uncomfortable. It makes us want to avoid your company. Is that what you want?

Vernon Huffman 10 June 2016


What to say!  Let us begin this distraction, namely addressing SCC Member Huffman’s first paragraph, dated tonight, by wondering aloud where Mister Huffman ever got the idea that I was unaware that raising your voice in public is anti-social.

I am twice Mister Huffman’s age.

I am a world traveler, since having spent the summer of my first year at Caltech riding around Europe in the German car my father gave me, along with the three-month trip to Europe to pick it up.  Ah! I remember um, snuggling with more than one um, eighteen-year-old (if you think I asked their fuckin’ ages you need your head examined) Frenchwoman that summer.  Ou sont les neiges d’autrefois? [Exercise: locate the missing accent aigu]  I got these luscious females to get um, into compromising positions, Mr Huffman, speaking French.  If you think it’s easy, have you actually done it?  When you were 18?  You don’t have to answer, Mr Huffman.  We’re ready to accept a shake of the head.

My brother Paul I visited at Guadalajara, hitch-hiking all the way from Pasadena, across the border at Tijuana [remember this is without a car], and on down the Pacific Coast to the inland Lake of Chapala, where the Second City of Mexico is located and our Foreign Service — Brother Paul was Consul or Vice-consul I forget, I am getting on — maintains there a consulate.

Paul brought all of the Weidler Street Meos down to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Estado de los Estados Unidos de Mexico just a few summers ago.  Here’s the society I grew up in, Mister Huffman.  We were all of us at Lawrence Principe’s house, he’s a practicing Guadalajara lawyer, and I spoke of the three-by-four-foot oil painting on the wall

Christ is depicted here as half because the other half is us: we are the arms, and the acting half of Christ in the world.

and the host declared the painting mine and shipped it at his expense to my modest home in Northeast Portland, across the street from Fred Meyer Hollywood.  I only have room for it in the Mud Room wall, over the staircase leading to the cellar.

Do you speak any foreign languages at all fluently, Mr Huffman, we’ll never mind discussing your trips to foreign lands and cultures.  I speak twelve, Mr Huffman.

Would it be possible, Mr Huffman, for you to conceive of the idea that perhaps I do not need you to tell me what is antisocial in conduct of people from around the world?  And why?  — because I, demonstrably, know more about the topic under discussion, which, last I looked, was how to behave in public, than you do, Mr Huffman.  That’s why.

Now where was I before [and the poor beleaguered reader will at this point agree that the cliche is justified] I was so rudely interrupted? Oh yes, quoting verbatim from a report dated 17 June 2015 on file in the Multnomah County Jail.  Let us pick it up at the words following “historical MH issues”

client responds, “Mental health is a continuum and we’re all a little bit crazy.  I suffer from bad moods or my share of depression, but I was a teacher, a stressful job, for thirty years and never once had a complaint.”

Your Honor at this point the Defense requests permission to introduce into the court record the thirty years of annual performance reviews of Mr Meo’s teaching in public school in two multiethnic multicultural environments.  We request that the appended documentation be sufficient to instruct the jury as to the genuineness of the personnel reports for thirty years as a public secondary-school teacher.

We note, as an aside that Mr Meo would not have been insensitive to the Hmong as is alleged against a California school district in the link here, because Mr Meo was described by his good friend Polo [his pen name] in his insightful articles in the local Asian Reporter as the ‘Big Man among the Hmong’ of Roosevelt High School, where he served for a number of years as Building Liaison Teacher of the so-called English as a Second Language Program [since relabeled, relabelling being a sure sign the program is not working, the ELL, which I think stands for English Language Learners, of course completely meaningless since everyone in the entire school by law is studying English language] and which building at the time of writing had something like half or more of the Hmong in the city, and something like half of the Hmong-community gang problems along with it.

That is, I was point person for the assimilation of the Hmong teenagers of North Portland when their numbers at Roosevelt High School were at a maximum, and an Indonesian writer (Polo) for the local Asian press praised my outreach to Hmong students.

Defense requests that the journal containing the Indonesian lawyer Mr Polo’s flattering words be entered into evidence for the consideration of the jury.

Thank you, Your Honor.

The Defense continues with its reading of Nurse Ratchet’s report, dated 17 June 2015, without editing or alteration of any word unless indicated

Client reports he was psychiatrically hospitalized in his 20s at “Bridgewater in Massachusetts.”

Defense at this point chooses to stipulate that, in Your World, those quotation marks present as you can plainly see in Nurse Ratchet’s Report dated 17 June 2015, are employed to indicate that the speaker’s exact words are quoted.

Here, in My World, Nurse Ratchet gratuitously inserts quotation marks in order to indicate for herself the omission of extremely important words.  Up to now the record of what appears to be an encounter which took place on 17 June 2015 has been just great and I would not have been able to reproduce my conversation of a year ago with any degree of fidelity without having at hand a contemporary written record, but now, just where these quotation marks come in, Nurse Ratchet cannot bring herself to quote Your Intrepid Reporter.

You know this guy, right?  They say he frightened his own mother at birth.  Now what he uses is The Gaze, where he looks at you and there’s so much determination and overbearing arrogance just in his look, that you begin to get intimidated, kinda, and would rather take a break in the restroom than stay here to contend with the man they call Mean Old Mister Meo.

I hereby testify to the Court, and to any one who is willing to read this English-language version of my fucked-up life, that I remember what Nurse Ratchet omitted.

We were sittin’ quietly in the Common Area of the seventh floor of Multnomah County Jail, see, and this nosy Parker is interviewing someone who at most two days prior has been hauled off to jail, under the judge’s assumption that he must be crazy.  I leaned over towards her, fixed my Gaze full in her face and said, “at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.”  That’s what I said, and that is its official title, back there in the Commonwealth [in my world, you see the Commonwealth maintains what it calls the State Hospital; in your world only States maintain the State Hospital] when I did so I saw fear in Nurse Ratchet.  I did.

Her following quotation resumes the perfectly accurate rendition of the interview

“It is only because of my parents’ upper middle class influence that I was able to get out of there.”

Your Intrepid Reporter tastefully omits the next sentence, which deals with the level of Thorazine administered (I kid you not) Thorazine administered forty years ago.  The very existence of this sentence, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, which is so unconnected with anything germane to the interview, is added proof of the addled state of Nurse Ratchet at the time of the filing of this Report.  I forbear to burden you with its exact wording now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, but when you retire to your deliberations I ask you carefully to compare the entire line of thought of this written Report, in its entirety, with this screwy next-to-last sentence, a sentence preceding the immediately following accurate citation of my words

“I stood for US congress [sic which in this case indicates that the writer of this Report did not capitalize Congress as is standard English usage] on 3 occasions.  In 2014 there were six candidates and I came in third [editor employs, after you see once the Arabic numeral in the original document, editor employs standard English style for subsequent numerals, the better to ease readers’ attention] That’s just the facts.”

bringing the paragraph to a close.

The document before us contains on the next full line the inscription O, followed by a comma, no its a colon and I do not mean a large intestine.

Then there is

Mental Status Exam

Overall appearance [commas are used to replace colons, to improve readability] disheveled

Your Honor, the Defense at this point would like to introduce evidence that the word employed by Nurse Ratchet in her Report Dated 17 June 2015 is composed of the two medieval French words combined des-chevelé, which use is dated to 1583 in Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, published in 1983 — Your Intrepid Reporter wonders whether the dictionary contains further information about the level of Thorazine administered in 1972 — on Page 363 in the first column, to be precise.  The first use of the word “disheveled” it says there ladies and gentlemen, and the Judge will subsequently confirm in his Instructions that you are to regard this as Best Evidence, so please don’t dispute the provenance of the judgement, it says there that the first use of “disheveled” dates to 1598. You will be provided with a certified copy of that page for your use in the Jury Room ladies and gentlemen.

The two medieval French words mean mussed-up hair.  Mister Meo’s appearance on Ward Seven of the School-to-Prison Treadmill of Multnomah County Oregon could not have been disheveled overall, in the 1583 meaning, in the medieval French, since déschevelé [spelled this way because that is how a contemporary French-speaking person would pronounce it in the French of the day.  Never mind which day, okay?] connotes merely disordered hair, and while Mr Meo admits to déschevelé that is mussed-up hair (you try sleeping on a jail bed and keep up a neat hairdo) he submits to the attention of the court that his shirt was tucked in.  How many prisoners whom Nurse Ratchet interviewed that entire month of June, 2015 had their shirt tucked in?  I request permission from Your Honor the Judge to recall Nurse Ratchet, if she is still alive, to the stand and put the question to her.

But it is totally unnecessary and you ladies and gentlemen of the jury know it.  None.  It would be child’s play for the Defense to establish by videotape evidence or other authoritative source that one hundred percent of prisoners on every ward of the Multnomah County Jail not a single prisoner tucks in his shirt.

Except perhaps — and this is introduced as an example of the Defense’s effort to attain grandiosity, Your Honor, except perhaps those prisoners who are imitating Mr Meo.

Admitting that weak jokes do not suffice to buttress an argument that has gone on long enough to cause eyelids to droop and heads to loll, the Defense will summarize the point of the above remarks.

Nurse Ratchet knew not to use the 1598 meaning incorrectly in place of the 1583 medieval French déschevelé which my Client, Your Honor, admits accurately reflects the dis-arrangement of my Client’s hair on the morning of the interview, and why?

–because my Client told Nurse Ratchet at the time that he was fluent in medieval French, that’s why.

In My World, you see, admitting that you know medieval French, to a nurse, only increases her fear of you and hostility toward you.  This will be demonstrated amply in the sequel.  In My World, my post

Michael Meo 8 months ago
+tzar2007 Any ruler who kills political enemies, at will and without any restraint on it, is a tyrant. That is the definition of a tyrant.

in the thread of the comments to a Russian-language movie about Ivan the Terrible is responded just today, just a few minutes ago, approvingly by (a guy who is Russian but writing in English)

Culprit LA 2 hours ago
people like the fool you are responding to are coming out of the woodworks in droves in modern Russia. Shocking history revision, both embarrassing and scary.

and you say How Do You Know the writer is a Russian immigrant living in Los Angeles, and my answer proves that I know what I’m talking about.

The writer wrote “coming out of the woodworks” — a perfect immigrant mis-locution, in this case of someone for whom the woodworks in question, those in Mother Russia are important.  O.K.?

This post is going to be so long none of you now reading will be able to say you have read it all unless you have grandchildren.

In my world the ability to explain, in Russian, to Russian speakers, the history of seventeenth-century Russia is praised when the writer is Russian but resented by the people around me.

In your world the recipient of an email from John Stilwell, author of




— breaking news.  The guru is not puffed up with victory; the guru is not downcast by defeat.  I have won over Fred Meyer.  Just now, Sunday 12 June 2016, at 2:30 pm.

That is to say I have just now returned from having held another International Congress of the Mongolian Peoples Party (in exile) at the Fred Meyer Lounge across the street.  For previous International Congresses of the Mongolian Peoples Party (in exile) see above or cf supra. These affairs are always pretty rowdy let me tell you.  Glasses are raised and toasts pronounced to the victory of the cause of the political allies of the Mongolian Peoples Party in Exile and denouncing the long list of the many enemies of the Mongolian Peoples Party in Exile.  Especially is it vital to shout aloud Thesis Number One cf supra of the Mongolian Peoples Party in Exile, namely that Chiang, Kai-shek was a great man and Hirohito was a war criminal.

No one had any objection during these entire proceedings.  It was just like the so-called Chit-chat cafe in the old days, when Your Intrepid Reporter went to considerable lengths to set up a weekly meeting venue there and the management encouraged all efforts in that direction.

So, Ladies and gentlemen, I propose the Fred Meyer Lounge, located completely within the official neighborhood boundaries of Sullivan’s Gulch but called Hollywood for (ugh) reasons of profit and gain, I propose that said lounge, seating easily 100 people and equipped with a pair of restrooms all its own, be

considered as the venue for the upcoming State Convention of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.


To assist those of you at home who are reading this the Defense will insert at this point [which would never, never, never be allowed at a real trial: repetition for emphasis in presentation of evidence is not frowned upon it is streng verboten.  We do it here with the indulgence of the Imaginary Judge]

Client seen 17 June 2015. At that time, he presented with an aura of superiority. He was noted to be grandiose and lacking insight.

Overall health, generally poor

Behavior and manner, generally relaxed and engaged, cooperative, expansive, grandiose

Update 17 July 2016: Your Intrepid Reporter would like to comment on recent developments having to do with

The reason the motion was made was because of your blog the Cascadia Chapter blog which has been voted to be decertified by the SCC and most especially because of the recent activities of yelling at people in the park and the claims of harassing people while acting as a representative of the green party, and having already been censured once.

[emphasis added — MM]

The censure motion, as the maker of the motion will confirm, was offered in open debate because of, said the motion-maker Tim Dehne, the fact that the Eighteenth Street Peace House, indubitable friends of the Party, had called the police on one M. Meo. That alone was put forward as a reason for the “censure” — a motion which at the time in debate concerning its passage was stated as not having any real enforcement.

But subsequently, in the presence of S. Woolley, M. Meo confirmed that there was never any quarrel between M. Meo and the Eighteenth Street Peace House. He shook hands with the head of the Eighteenth Street Peace House, John Schweibert.

Now, this morning, I report the result of an interview, at Eighteenth Street Peace House, with its director of long standing, John Schweibert. No one from the Party ever asked the Peace House to provide a venue for the Nominating Convention to be held on 13 August in a small library building in the far Southeast.

Well, if the censure vote concerned only the Peace House, then why did the State Co-ordinating Committee, once having decided to hold a convention in Portland, not ask the Eighteenth Street Peace House, (a venue which was good enough for Jill Stein when she visited Portland) to host it?

The S.C.C. chose not to. Why? — well, for one thing, it might come out that the Eighteenth Street Peace House regards M. Meo with warm and open affection. Fact, not fancy.

About M. Meo

Worked as translator, museum technician, truck lumper, lecture demonstrator, teacher (of English as a Second Language, science, math). Married for 25 years, 2 boys aged 18 & 16 (both on the Grant cross-country team). A couple of scholarly publications in the history of science. Two years in federal penitentiary, 1970/71, for refusing the draft.
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  1. Twice my age, eh? You look good for 120!

    • M. Meo says:

      Mr Huffman is accurate. He is older than 35. Not only is that fact wrong, but my answer to his main point is a good bit harsher (but I’ll leave it as is) than I would like upon reflection it to be.

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