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Internal Exiles

A fellow named John Whitehead, writing in, warns us that The Worst Is Yet to Come.  He adds a coda of complaints, which express exactly my own sentiments (with probably a greater degree of eloquence than I have to … Continue reading

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Epistemological Comment

In the last post I spoke of how the citizens of the United States are asked, by our intelligence services, to believe a whipped-up story of Russian hacking affecting the recent election.  The C.I.A., the White House, the Congress, and … Continue reading

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Reality Rejection, Incorporated

  In the last several days the Siege of Aleppo has ended. The rebels holding the city have been defeated by the Syrian government forces, aided by Russian air force bombing. There is some talk of this being a turning … Continue reading

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From the Crooked Timber of Humanity

This morning a post by the ex-CIA agent and Christian anti-war activist Ray McGovern reminds us of the lessons to be learned from the “Red Line” Affair of 2013, when the current Administration warned the Assad régime in Syria that … Continue reading

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The Emptiness of the ‘Trump Is Not a Fascist’ Boast

This blog has already pointed out the narcissistic assurance of liberal commentators claiming to know in advance what’s going to happen, right after having the roof fall in, last November 8th. Before us we have yet another example, one Kenneth … Continue reading

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Portland Police Shoot Another Miscreant

The Portland Police killed another suspect Tuesday. He had shot at them when they arrived, and missed. Presumably they then told him to come out of the building from which he had fired the shot. He did. He carried a … Continue reading

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The Loss of Hope

The occasion for this report is the news today that the rise in death rates, or the lowering of life expectancy — two ways of looking at essentially the same thing — has now extended from males in the United … Continue reading

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A Young Tenor from the Pacific Northwest

Yes, Your Intrepid Reporter is prejudiced in this matter: he is reporting that his elder son is now a young professional-level tenor opera singer, even though there is not the critical acclaim that such an assertion usually employs to establish … Continue reading

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City of Portland Plays to Crowd, but Opposes Accountability

Our mayor, Charlie Hales, ran on a platform, four years back, of police accountability.  Once he was elected he took personal control of the municipal police as its Commissioner. Since then Mr Hales has had an almost perfect record of … Continue reading

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