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Two World Systems

Back in the early 17th century, 400 years ago, Johannes Kepler was arguing why it is true that the Earth travels around the Sun — the so-called Copernican World System — rather than, as our common sense appears to tell us, that the Sun … Continue reading

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Michael Munk May Not Be The Last Marxist

The title, of this post, I admit, is stated with tongue firmly in cheek. We have living in Portland the author and retired professor of political science Michael Munk, who has among other distinctions the Central European capital city of … Continue reading

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DEQ Follies

Anti-coal demonstrators on MLK, 6 December 2012 I bicycled over (in the rain, of course: but it was a little scarier than usual, because, in December, it was so dark) to the State Department of Environmental Quality [DEQ henceforth] hearing … Continue reading

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Letter to the Oregonian

Dear Editor, Michael Jacobs of Tigard engages in a spot of “class warfare” in his letter this morning, in which he states, “Sales taxes are not regressive.” Poor people spend more of their disposable income than rich people do. Georgetown … Continue reading

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American Morality

Arthur Silber admits that he can’t help but sound shrill and over-the-top: Even though it is an issue mentioned by virtually no one with regard to the Hillman story, I am compelled to remark that it is more than extraordinary … Continue reading

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