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What Willie Halliburton Would Have Done

Your Intrepid Reporter was, ah, arrested for the sixteenth time [that’s the best estimate I could get out of the court-appointed defense attorney after two weeks. Yes, I know it would have been a simple matter of discovery. He, um … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Century

The proportion of children born out of wedlock in the United States is going down.

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Dear Colleagues

To: Agenda Committee Eastside democratic Club meeting at Rosa’s Cafe, which goes by the name of Prescott Street Cafe From: M. Meo, elected secretary said Club in re: Next meeting of the self-styled Agenda Committee, but which really is the … Continue reading

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The Paleoconservative Point of View

Once upon a time, long ago, a speechwriter named Pat Buchanan, an ethnically Irish Roman Catholic and proud of it — as opposed to JFK, who was about as sincere a Catholic as Adolf Hitler was — ran for President. … Continue reading

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FWIW: U.N. Condemns U.S. Violations of Human Rights

No one could believe, now some 70 years after it was founded, that the United Nations’ condemnation of United States’ violations of human rights will have much of an impact. Nonetheless, the fact is the U.N. just condemned the way … Continue reading

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Good News

Greg Boertje-Obed, to whom Your Intrepid Reporter wrote while he was incarcerated, thanking him for his principled suffering the imposition of prison time for his opposition to nuclear weapons, has been released.

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A Simple Example

The former Candidate for President of the United States of the Green Party of the United States, Representative from Georgia Cynthia Mckinney, brings the present example of the differing treatment of white and black citizens to our attention. Hey, the … Continue reading

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