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A Hint of Compromise

This morning we awoke, we North Americans, to the unexpected news that Novoazovsk was taken by the Ukrainian separatists. [If I were more computer-savvy I would post a map here] This evening, at the conclusion of a summit between Poroshenko … Continue reading

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If We Do It, It’s Not Torture

I see that U.S. servicemen who refuse to commit war crimes are threatened with court-martial and then sent Stateside. You do remember when Mr Obama promised to stop torture; well, force-feeding is against the rules of warfare. Not that any … Continue reading

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Historical Truthiness

So, shoot me. I like to read old books. This evening I’d like to talk about the Jesuit way of bending the truth, giving as my prime example one Baltasar Gracián, whose Pocket Mirror for Heroes was back in 1995 … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed

Right at the beginning of the meeting of the Community and Postal Workers United, Trudy reported here at the Eighteenth Street Peace House at seven this evening, that 125 people attended the Drone Forum. Jamie Partridge, co- with John Schweibert … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

Today the Oregon Department of State Lands has denied a permit necessary for Ambre Energy’s Morrow Pacific coal export proposal. Well, good for them. But, in a larger sense, we are celebrating a victory over a proposal that had severe … Continue reading

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What Gaza Accomplished

Your Intrepid Reporter serves as the liaison for the Pacific Green Party to the Health Care for All Oregon coalition, which is in the course of shepherding through the Oregon Legislature the enabling legislation to allow Oregon to implement the … Continue reading

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At Red Mountain

Down in what might be termed the “low-rent” district, just a block or so up from the Portland train/bus station, is an Italian cafe. The owner-operator, Robert, is a Croat (one of the many warring peoples of Eastern Europe); so … Continue reading

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Voter’s Pamphlet statement

The voter’s pamphlet sent to every voter in the upcoming federal election for the U.S. House of Representatives restricts text to 235 words. Occupation: retired schoolteacher Occupational background: teacher in secondary schools, Oakland California 1985-1989; Portland Public Schools 1990-2011; honorary … Continue reading

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Another boring day

I woke up early today, even though it was a cool night, the first in about a week. I was up and about at three-fifteen. As long as it was ungodly early, and there was nothing else on the agenda, … Continue reading

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The Abigail Adams Project Questionnnaire

is available here

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