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Transportation to State Convention

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon will hold a state convention Saturday, 23 November 2013, at 147 High Street [I believe it is NE], apt [or suite] #400, Salem. The Cascadia Chapter offers transportation to the state convention to all … Continue reading

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Ben Poe Takes a Body Blow for the Postal Service, and the reverend John Schweibert Ends Up on the Floor

  I have never seen Jamie Partridge in anything other than an eager state of mind.  He is the soul of Portland Community and Postal Workers United, the group conducting a long-running campaign of nonviolent civil resistance to the privatization … Continue reading

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A Commentary on the “Remarks on Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts” together with a Key to their Understanding

Your Intrepid Reporter has moved — from 3003 N.E. Weidler Street to 2925 N.E. Weidler Street, if you really want to know — and the move has shaken the dust off his, which is to say my, collection of old … Continue reading

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The Political-Industrial Elite Rules

It is an old truism in politics, that justice is due even one’s enemy. That is to say in other words, the truth is more important than friendship. I had the occasion of pointing out the age of this adage … Continue reading

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How It Goes

Once you’ve been racially harassed by a Portland police officer in the second decade of the so-called twenty-first century of the Common Era, and harassed not once but repeatedly, and not at all privately but before a witness and in … Continue reading

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