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Tolerance: Historically Examined

Having just listened yesterday to a series of speakers examining the difficulties of Living While Black in these United States in 2015, Your Intrepid Reporter suggests that a historical perspective will provide some balance to the constant drumbeat of media … Continue reading

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Pravda-on-the-Hudson and Izvestia-on-the-Potomac at it again

“Reality has a strong liberal bias.” That is to say, the liberal newspapers lie. Now, an American University (A.U.) academic, Jeff Bachman, has documented what some readers may have surmised in reading drone news coverage over the years, but didn’t … Continue reading

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Boring Stuff Only Retired Math Teachers Appreciate; or, alternatively, the Truth Looks Better

Portland Copwatch press release 20 November 2015 Regarding 2014 Annual Report of Independent Police Review (IPR) Division of City of Portland Among its findings, PCW notes: –Though the number of allegations of Use of Force are the lowest in IPR’s … Continue reading

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The Prehistory, as it were, of Zionism

We already know, pretty much, that the seed-ground from which Zionism sprang was that of the “Springtime of Nations,” the national awakening of the mid-nineteenth century which produced (beginning in Ruthenia) the riots, urban revolutions, and civil wars of 1848-1849. … Continue reading

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Non-denial Denial, Today’s Version

“All of the allegations from these recordings that we knew of before today are simply untrue, and we have no reason to believe anything on these new tapes will be any different,” she said. — that is, the government spokesperson, … Continue reading

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The Attack on Paris: Is Paris Burning?

A usually humane blogger writes today (15 November 2015) I didn’t feel that way when suicide bombers, in a little-noticed preview of the Paris attacks, killed and wounded 200 people in Beirut Thursday evening–the worst bombing since the end of … Continue reading

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A Regular Venue

The Cascadia Chapter will meet for the first time Thursday, November 12 [the day my younger son turns 15], at the Random Order Cafe, 1800 Alberta Street, corner of N.E. 18th — à propos, I bicycle past the Eighteenth Street … Continue reading

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