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Under the Radar (almost)

I missed this, and had to read about it first in The Telegraph, out of London: Over the Memorial Day holiday, Obama scheduled a surprise visit to Afghanistan (where he will eventually fulfill his 2008 campaign promise of ending the … Continue reading

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Cantavit universo in eo

martes 6 mayo 2014 10 am Case Study Cafe Sandy Nummer 5347 Just after I handed my card to a racially-mixed infant I was told By the fetcher of wood and drawer of water Not to continue. If you sing … Continue reading

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An Interesting Poll Result

As you can see the United States is 17th (or so) in the race among nations to join the progressive future and refrain from war. We are behind both Russia and the Ukraine in this regard. Let us work, ladies … Continue reading

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Death of JFK due to George Hickey’s accidental discharge of automatic rifle The above video lays a case that is persuasive (to me) that we now know who killed JFK. We now know it was the Secret Service Agent George Hickey who fired the fatal, soft nose/exploding round from an automatic … Continue reading

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An Aphorism from a Dead Man

The first time that a people, a group, anybody first gets real power, they abuse it. Dominic Meo Jr. (1906 — 2002)

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The Culture of Terrorism at the See See Cafe

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A Manuscript Dated January 2011

Michael Kepler and I sat down before two computers on his work table in the living room yesterday afternoon: he turned on the news — and told me 3 things I had already read in the morning paper, while I … Continue reading

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Scribblings of a retired math teacher rejected by the voters

Attributed to P. Belkin translation attributed to the school of Miguel Cabron In one of our most distant provinces was situated the estate of Ivan Petrovich Berestov. In his youth he had served in the Guards regiments, but having quit … Continue reading

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Giordano Bruno Etait Un Vert

Ici au C C Café — prononcé sí sí café — el baristo a servi au café sur la place où on a executé Bruno. C’était en Rome, à traves el mar de Sicilia. On l’a trouvé culpable pour affirmer … Continue reading

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The Willamette Week Endorsement

“All politics is local.” attributed [by me, M. (pronounced “emm”) Meo (pronounced “MAY YOE . . .short [ahem, hem] ITAL — EE — UNH names are YEW — ZEW WallEE Sicilian, like in Mahree-oe Poozoe hoo wrote The Godfather)] to … Continue reading

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