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Valentine’s Day Inaugural of New Lecture Series

If all goes well on 14 February of the coming month the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party will begin a new series of Lectures, this one addresses honoring Chapter members unusually distinguished for service in the cause of … Continue reading

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Why the Remarks on Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts Were Not Published 30 Years Ago

There is no need for an explanatory narrative; a series of documents will do.   University of Oregon  Department of Sociology December 13, 1983 Dear Professor Meo We have received and discussed your proposal for a paper at the West … Continue reading

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To the Editors of the Oregonian

Mes chers madames et messieurs, The second in a three-part series included the interesting passage: The A[ssociated] P[ress] found that almost all the jobs disappearing are the midskill, midpay jobs — jobs with salaries ranging from $38,000 to $68,000 in … Continue reading

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Myths of Murder and Multiple Regression

by Ted Goertzel (published in The Skeptical Inquirer, 2002, 26 (1): 19-23) Do you believe that every time a prisoner is executed in the United States, eight future murders are deterred?  Do you believe that a 1 % increase in the number … Continue reading

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At the Laudromat

Sunday 15 May.  4:30 p.m. At the laundromat, Grove & Sycamore, Oakland Miguel Cabron dige Sub specie aeternitatis Questa vita incognita humanorum Nobis . . . . Ich mit Verliebe verschlagt Two blocks south is home. Dulce et decorum est … Continue reading

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Remarks on Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts

I We will begin with a simple exercise.  With the primary or general thesis that The Accepted View allows mathematics an ancillary rôle in Marxian dialectics and the inferior or secondary thesis that Marx devoted 10 years and 1,000 pages … Continue reading

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Miguel Speaks to the Vultures

Letter to the Vulture Club (aka Patty and Mother) from Miguel Cabron, ever patient unemployed Oakland teacher written the Day After Christmas Let us begin by reviewing for the uninitiated exactly how it came about that I was disinvited to … Continue reading

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Pasadena, California: January 21, 1967

by Lucie Lowery Caltech Editor Beats Ouster Move in ‘Pot’ Hassle A Caltech tempest over a story in the student weekly concerning use of marijuana by Caltech students was climaxed Friday afternoon when the editor, Michael Meo, won a recall … Continue reading

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“Die Erste Bürgerpflicht Ist Ruhe”

“Die erste Bürgerpflicht ist Ruhe” The first duty of the citizen is silence. sind die Schlusswörte der Kundgebung des Gouverneurs von Berlin, Friedrich Wilhelm, Graf von Schulenburg, anlehnt, mit der dieser den Berlinern die Niederlagen von Jena und Auerstadt kundgab.

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Un autre Bon Mot

Celui qui s’engage le premier dans une région inconnue mérite quelque indulgence pour les fausses routes qu’il y peut faire.

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