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Cascadia Chapter Meeting Two Years Ago

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Eugene State Convention, January 23, 2016

The quiet, soft-spoken gentleman next to me at the table is M. A. Balyeat, from Lake Oswego []; the local Eugene Green Alan Zundel acts as facilitator, Alex Polikoff took notes. Tim Dehne will be candidate for Linn County Commission … Continue reading

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Quality Political Analysis from John Michael Greer

The Cascadia Chapter offers this item from the abovementioned for its clear thought. It so happens that you can determine a huge amount about the economic and social prospects of people in America today by asking one remarkably simple question: … Continue reading

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I Told You So

Sigh. Your Intrepid Reporter Gets into trouble for his being right and boasting about it. He takes issue, for example with the last sentence of a Counterpunch article dated today: Faking history is a form of burning books. Where books … Continue reading

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Darryl Cherny, Candidate for President on the Green Party ticket

At the request of Mr Cherney, we provide a link to his first advertisement.

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Jill Stein’s Visit

The probably nominee of the Green Party of the United States for the position of President of the United States visited Portland, as part of her swing through Oregon, last week. A house party at Mark and Amanda Smith’s Wednesday … Continue reading

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Jill Stein in Portland, 20 January 2016

Courtesy of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon Member Mike Easrussi, there is a video here of Jill Stein speaking at Mark and Amanda Smith’s house this last Wednesday.

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