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What Transgender Means

  Surely in writing this post, which is a highly personal meditation, I have to begin from the admission of my own lack of principled stance over time.  My opinions have changed and developed in the course of years. Today … Continue reading

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Mass Incarceration Here and Now

  My friend Shane Greene, whom I’ve known since we were locked up in Multnomah County Jail last year for months together, came to visit me the other day; he’s been out of state prison for three months now, and … Continue reading

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What If A Coup Takes Place

Your Intrepid Reporter, dear reader, will preface this commentary, as he has done in the past, with the notice that it constitutes the opinion of one who has pled guilty to violating a Restraining Order, taken out by his wife. … Continue reading

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What to Say to Putin

  As Your Intrepid Reporter has said previously, the release by hacking of documentary evidence (itself true) to the effect that the Democratic Party nominee for President is indeed a card-carrying proponent of Wall Street dominance does not constitute “hacking … Continue reading

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Epistemological Comment

In the last post I spoke of how the citizens of the United States are asked, by our intelligence services, to believe a whipped-up story of Russian hacking affecting the recent election.  The C.I.A., the White House, the Congress, and … Continue reading

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A Young Tenor from the Pacific Northwest

Yes, Your Intrepid Reporter is prejudiced in this matter: he is reporting that his elder son is now a young professional-level tenor opera singer, even though there is not the critical acclaim that such an assertion usually employs to establish … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

I have a bumper-sticker critique of the identity politics that produced a Democratic Party loss, with the entire political Establishment united in favor of the Democratic Party nominee, in the recent election earlier this month. That is, Identity Politics Is … Continue reading

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