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Another Police Shooting with Impunity for the Killer

Progressive Portland turned out in force — there were over a thousand people there, according to the monopoly newspaper The Oregonian (which deserves credit for the picture) — this evening in a rally in support of the people of Ferguson, … Continue reading

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Ending the Fast on Day 14

Francisco Aguirre, the Portland labor leader whose prosecution for lack of immigration documentation led to his seeking sanctuary in the Augustana Lutheran Church, is no longer so threatened that his sanctuary need be accompanied by volunteer companions. I spoke to … Continue reading

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Gegenwärtiges Unbestimmenheit

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my former University of California, Berkeley history professor John Heilbron. He and I last met when I chaperoned my older son Michael Kepler Meo as the lead in the world première opera The … Continue reading

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Where We Are On the Joint Terrorism Task Force

In April of this year (that is, six months before this Portland Copwatch notification) Mayor Hales’ office was asked to provide public documentation about certain questionable programs. Copwatch asked to meet with the Mayor of Portland, and needed to check … Continue reading

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John Heilbron Debunks Steven Weinberg

My old Berkeley professor John Heilbron pointed out in a witty way the circularity of the Theory of Everything so popular as a goal among high-energy physicists of our time. Unfortunately, should they succeed in finding a T[heory] O[f] E[verything], … Continue reading

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Comment on Previous

In my personal opinion the Board of Directors (one of whom, Jim Robison [full disclosure: I am a former employer of J. Robison’s political consultancy, in the campaign just ended], the official liaison to HealthCare for All Oregon from the … Continue reading

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Building the Movement

Your Intrepid Reporter, in his guise as the liaison of the Pacific Green Party to the HealthCare for All Oregon Coalition, had the good fortune to attend its November 15th state convention in Salem today. I received at the front … Continue reading

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Health Care

Your Intrepid Reporter will be attending the meeting of the state board of Health Care for All in Salem this Saturday. My van seats six.

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To Every Thing There Is A Season

Neuen Jahreszeiten am Broadway in the lounge w/ Albert onze et demi ante meridian Gestern war der zwölfte 13 Novem 2014 on parle de moi sur le télepho peut être shake hands w/ Stephen viva Cuba Libre elf Uhr zwanzig … Continue reading

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The War Party Wins the Midterms

Thinkers of all types and at all times have learned form their enemies. Robert Parry of Consortium News examines Max Boot’s contribution to what he calls “an important outlet for neocon thinking,” Commentary magazine: Apparently Boot foresees a Libya-style operation … Continue reading

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