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Stu Sugarman Has Died

President of Cascadia Chapter Brian Setzler sends this word: Just learned the heartbreaking news that long-time friend and fellow activist Stu Sugarman died yesterday. Stu was a dedicated and effective civil rights attorney as well as a gentle and wise … Continue reading

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Minutes of meeting of 24 March, preceded by German poem

das ungeordnete Kafe   es gibt zwei Mädchen am nächsten Tisch hinter Ladentisch zwei mehr eto vsyo und ich. nemets   D. Westerlund and C. Miller joined by H. Soles, meeting called to order on time, at 6:30. The whole … Continue reading

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Message — whatever it is — Not Received, Portland Copwatch

Portland’s progressive community presses for meaningful police accountability, not necessarily aided by reports from Portland Copwatch. The fact is, if the prose in a Portland Copwatch report cannot be deciphered as to its meaning, no one is any better off, … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Bob

Here at the headquarters of the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, Party Member Bob McGown suggested to resident housekeeper she help move construction debris. “Oh, I don’t know.  How much do you get an hour?” “I … Continue reading

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The March on Rome, American Style

In 1922 the first fascist dictator known to the history of twentieth-century Europe announced, more or less arbitrarily but not without some degree of armed and determined supporters, that he, Benito Mussolini, was the choice of the Italian people to … Continue reading

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Struve’s Exact Words: to Peter Abrahams

Dear Friend and Colleague! In the matter of the actual intentions of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve in purchasing what is referred to as the “astronomical repeating circle” (for 1082 rublei) and “two 3 1/2 foot passage instruments” (800, the two), that … Continue reading

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I Told You We Ape the Russians

Since the Modern Era, however you choose to define it, it is normal for mortality to decline over time. The rate of death per hundred thousand may of course go up — particularly in times of conflict, spectacularly so in … Continue reading

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