Who’s the Jew? Who’s the Nazi?

Inmates of Dachau. 29 April 1945

Inmates of Dachau. 29 April 1945

Gregory Fegel was a witness to my arrest at the Occupy Mount Tabor demo. Gregory Fegel testified in my defense at my jury trial — which I lost — for failing to respond to a lawful order by a park ranger at Mount Tabor; the decision by the jury denied me the right of putting up a sign on land in the park (even though I proved from testimony that on this occasion the regulations were especially strictly applied, which goes to prove the political motivation of my receiving said order).

Actually, I’d known Greg for some time before we accidentally were bonded by the experience of my being arrested at Mount Tabor Reservoir. He ran a rug shop in my Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood some years before. We knew each other to nod hello.

Well, Greg Fegel writes today discussing the Palestinian issue from a nonZionist Jewish perspective.

He says the Palestinian question is about a lot more than just stopping the Israeli Defense Force from killing and otherwise oppressing Palestinian residents of Greater Israel.

Here is an excerpt from Nahida Izzat’s review of the Wandering Who. Nahida is another voice that needs a lot more ears to hear.

“Gilad reflects on how they learned — as young Jews – to view Palestinian as workers and providers of cheap labour, those nameless, faceless people who roam around:

We never socialised with them. We didn’t really understand who they were and what they stood for. Supremacy was brewed in our souls, we gazed at the world through racist chauvinistic binoculars. And we felt no shame about it either

The breaking point of his attachment was his visit to Ansar prison camp in South Lebanon in 1984. His IDF orchestra team was invited to visit. Gilad describes how did this journey affected him and changed him forever:

As we continued past the barbed wire I continued gazing at the inmates and arrived at an unbearable truth: I was walking on the other side, in Israeli military uniform. The place was a concentration camp. The inmates were the ‘Jews’ and I was nothing but a ‘Nazi’.

That is an example of truth-telling, says Your Intrepid Reporter. When there is torture in prison in the United States, as there is pretty generally, it’s nice to see some condemnation of the practice.

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