Clinton Wins Iowa

Some two-third of the vote is in, and Hillary Clinton looks to win the Iowa caucuses (albeit by a small margin, smaller apparently than that by which Cruz is beating Trump).

The take-away is, Clinton looks quite inevitable this evening.

UPDATE: 9:30 pm What a cliff-hanger, Clinton/Sanders!  (I was obviously mistaken before, at the least about how large her margin would be.  It’s three-tenths of one percent at this moment.)

UPDATE: 10:20 pm And now it is one-tenth of one percent.

UPDATE: 4 April 2016  Paul Krugman says the Sanders’ camp leaders are now discussing among themselves, whether they would have won if. .

UPDATE: 19 April 2016  Clinton has won New York.  And by a 3-to-2 margin, apparently.

UPDATE: 9 May 2015 Clinton receives the priceless endorsement of major star.

UPDATE: 20 May 2015   Sanders is harshly condemned by Izvestiya-on-the-Potomac:

“Mr. Sanders denies reality when he tells supporters he still has a plausible pathway to the Democratic presidential nomination,” the editorial continued. “It is past time for Mr. Sanders to be honest with his supporters, before they take the campaign’s irresponsible ethos to greater extremes and thereby help ensure the election of Donald Trump.”

Let us linger on that phrase just a moment. Mr Sanders denies reality. What Is Real Is Not Rational, the Hegelian dialecticians would say.

That is, if you are really to act in a revolutionary manner, you must deny the rationality of what is presently real, and it seems like, to those who stand for the status quo, that you deny reality.

UPDATE:  1 June 2015  The Chatterati are beginning to swing against Clinton (Sanders being toast at this point) because she represents no one but the corporate elite.

By David S. Bernstein
Trump can win if Clinton makes these four mistakes. Spoiler: She’s already making all of them.
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