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Two Deaths

At breakfast yesterday the older of my two sons (both attend Grant High School, a few blocks from where we live) told me that his end-of-year “presentation” had been interrupted by a lockdown. The door was locked, the business of … Continue reading

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The Salem Nominating Convention of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

7th of Junii — dies irae deorum from left to right: Your Intrepid Reporter, M. Meo (unless he on this occasion was being impersonated by Miguel Cabron, a slippery fellow indeed); Michael Sonnleitner; Steven Reynolds; Alex Polikoff; Tim Dehne; Mike … Continue reading

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Death of JFK due to George Hickey’s accidental discharge of automatic rifle The above video lays a case that is persuasive (to me) that we now know who killed JFK. We now know it was the Secret Service Agent George Hickey who fired the fatal, soft nose/exploding round from an automatic … Continue reading

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Jim Robison Attempts to Explain Democratic Line on Police

Only the third Part of a 15-minute interview of the veteran progressive political activist Jim Robson can be transferred at this time, but you will see that the issue revolved around the centrality of training of the local gendarmerie. Longtime … Continue reading

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Is it 1986 ? Or 2001 ? No, wait . . . 2013 ?

None of these.  It is September 27th:  1191 AD. Imagine yourselves, gentle readers, riding a horse along a road going south, accompanying Richard the Lion-hearted in his armed column of a little over 2000 knights on the Levantine coast marching … Continue reading

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Controlling the Police

I attended my first “Race Talks” meeting, or perhaps my first Race Talk.  This consists of a speech by some person knowledgeable about a subject, followed by small-group discussion, and consequently a greater level of understanding and dialogue concerning some … Continue reading

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Myths of Murder and Multiple Regression

by Ted Goertzel (published in The Skeptical Inquirer, 2002, 26 (1): 19-23) Do you believe that every time a prisoner is executed in the United States, eight future murders are deterred?  Do you believe that a 1 % increase in the number … Continue reading

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Two World Systems

Back in the early 17th century, 400 years ago, Johannes Kepler was arguing why it is true that the Earth travels around the Sun — the so-called Copernican World System — rather than, as our common sense appears to tell us, that the Sun … Continue reading

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