Candidacy of Dirty Old Man Is Preserved

Today, two events took place which confirmed Your Intrepid Reporter’s status as a potential candidate for Congressional office under the Green Party identification.

First, I was released from jail, all charges dismissed.  This means, as I advised my wife Trudy, that whatever I am doing this year and last, whatever has been misunderstood on all sides, what has transpired is not illegal.

To review the situation: I was arrested twice, within twelve hours, for essentially the same crime — telling merchants that no, they do not have absolute control of their premises.  Nonetheless no charges were filed and I was released today.

Second, Pam Brown, once she was advised that if the accommodations on offer at the headquarters of the Cascadia Chapter did not meet her needs she was welcome to move at her earliest convenience, left, together with all of her belongings, within a couple of hours of Trudy’s conveyance of the message.

End of report of Secretary of the Cascadia Chapter.

About M. Meo

Worked as translator, museum technician, truck lumper, lecture demonstrator, teacher (of English as a Second Language, science, math). Married for 25 years, 2 boys aged 18 & 16 (both on the Grant cross-country team). A couple of scholarly publications in the history of science. Two years in federal penitentiary, 1970/71, for refusing the draft.
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