Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Rechnung

The Military Police State of USA, 2014

The Military Police State of USA, 2014

Wir alle wissen, dass wir Faschismus hier in Amerika auch haben. Rund seit zwanzig Jahren sind die Portlandspolizei ein Geisel — ein Kind, nur zwölf-jährige — geschossen hatte. Und noch jetzt, nach zwei Dekaden, gibt es nichts neues. Vom the Portland Mercury des sechsundzwanzigste November, liest man:

Despite notable lapses leading up to the use of deadly force — including flawed or nonexistent planning, tactical mistakes, and fraught communication gaffes — few officers ever seem to face discipline [emphasis added –MM] for their bad decision-making. Worse, the [Office of Independent Review, hired by the City Council] found, sometimes those missteps aren’t even examined by the internal investigators and trainers the bureau relies on to keep its performance sharp.

Quis custodiat custodies? fragten die Antiker. Hier sprechen die custodienten direkt:

Some law enforcement agencies rigorously examine the performance of involved officers and supervisors

the consultants wrote [says Dennis Theriault, the Mercury political news reporter]

this is consistent with the broadly accepted understanding that tactical decisions and judgements have consequences in the field and will often determine the need or perceived need to use force.

In our previous reports, we have identified occasions when these issues may or may not have been identified. But rarely in Portland have such decisions led to either discipline or other targeted corrective action.

Unsere Massenerklärender uns gezeigt haben, dass im Russland das Staat feindlich zur Journalisten sich verhalt. Und wie ist es getan, zur Theriault persönlich dann?

[at the complaint received from one local Fleet Street scribbler, I will append an English-language version of the last paragraph: “The Explainers to the Mases have shown us that the State in Russia acts in hostile ways to journalists. And then how has Dennis Theriault been treated in person?” It sounds better in German.]

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  1. M. Meo says:

    If you want to know what fascism sounds like, follow the link to Vali Balint.

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