Cafe Espresso, Durant near Telegraph

by M. Meo [lui qui avait traduisés les manuscrits mathématiques de  Marx pour le premier fois en englais]

during the late 1980s (“late afternoon, clear skies, 17 February”)

entitulo de nominibus no curat sapiens


Studying Peter of Spain’s Pars Logicala

In a restaurant which won’t serve me

Holding their bgel hstg Jwh (Jhwh)

Rauchende natürlich, wie immermal.

And now the New York Times says

An invisible inner government was established by

President Ronald Reagan with

Oliver North as chief executive officer and named Project Democracy

ah say, in quote

“The Iran-contra affair may be the first

Dangling thread


Project Democracy”

— wonder if the police have arrived or are just

On the Way —

let’s call it like it is, folks,

the C. I. A.

Now, what was the definition of supposition?

ah yes

Supposition (suppositio) is the acceptance (acceptatio)

Of a substantive term in place of something (pro aliquo).

[Fort Wayne: Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 1945

Treatise No. VI, paragraph 6.03, page 57]

Project Democracy is the suppositio of the C.I.A.

res ipsens obscurat nomen, fratres


About M. Meo

Worked as translator, museum technician, truck lumper, lecture demonstrator, teacher (of English as a Second Language, science, math). Married for 25 years, 2 boys aged 18 & 16 (both on the Grant cross-country team). A couple of scholarly publications in the history of science. Two years in federal penitentiary, 1970/71, for refusing the draft.
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